The day will come

The day will come

Directed by Jesper W. Nielsen, the day will come is a story about two boys sent to an orphanage in the north of Denmark in the sixties. Terrible things happen at the orphanage and the boys dream about escaping Astronauts. A true story based on account from a group of boys who lived at the orphanage, they were part of developing the film.

We did a bit of set extension but the main task was completing a full CG sequence of the boy floating in space. We modelled a space suit in Marvelous designer, replacting all the stitches and seams and materials to be able to simulate the clothing as close to an actual spacesuit. We shot some of the scenes with the boy, but ended up replacing almost everything to have better control. All animation was done in our office using our Xsens motion capture system and Motionbuilder. Our work was nominated for the Danish Film Academy Award, the Robert.


VFX Supervisor –
Alexander Schepelern, Kim Fersling
VFX Producer –
Christina Jæger
CG Artists –
Esben Bjerring, Kim Fersling, Teis Mørup
Simon Sandin, Mario Maruska, David Sjödin, Gustaf Nilsson,