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CBB – Sick Prices

In the second installment of the CBB small prices universe, our small prices have had a long day of shooting and now they have had to much cake causing some uncomfortable moments for them! Shot on a birthday table, using a RED Dragon with a snorkel lens system letting us get all the way down to the surface and in between all the elements on the table.


Client –
Agency –
Agency Producer –
Thomas Hartebeck
Agency Creatives –
Jeppe Hansen 
Live action Director –
Michael Toft
VFX Producer –
Christina Jæger
VFX Supervisor –
Peter Hartwig
CG Artists –
Thomas Vind Mortensen, Gabi Popov, Jesper Staude, Esben Bjerring, Simon Sandin, Mario Maruska, Kim Fersling, Alexander Schepelern